I just came across a draft from my trip to Hawaii back in January. The trip was too amazing not to share. Better late than never….


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Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah, which translates to “beautiful”, is a district of Dubai filled with luxury hotels (the worlds only 7 star hotel) and is bordered by a beautiful sandy beach running along the coastline. Stefanie and I took our lunch and 4 liters of water and headed over to the beach on a casual 108 degree fahrenheit day in Dubai. Our goal was to stay until we felt like we were going to absolutely pass out or until we ran out of water, not so coincidentally, they happened at the same time.

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Desert Safari


Drive an hour outside of downtown Dubai and you will find yourself in the heart of the Arabian Desert, surrounded by beautiful red sand dunes. Stefanie and I took a day safari to go explore and also admittingly partake in some of the most touristy aspects of the Middle East… yes, we did ride a camel and we loved every second of it.

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Singapore Sling

IMG_7717After exploring Malaysia on our Southeast Asian adventure, we headed to their southern neighbor- Singapore for a quick stop. I have never seen a city quite as perfect as Singapore in my entire life; it was so clean, beautiful and safe that I have no idea how any Singaporean can venture to another city without wondering to themselves, “How can they live like this!?”

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Everything Is Bigger In Texas


For the weekend, I was heading home to Dallas, so I had jam-packed my weekend from the moment my friend Stefanie would grab me from the airport and rush me to an American Heart Association cocktail party, up until Monday morning at the crack of dawn, when my dad would drive me back to DFW airport. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for me.  Continue reading